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Ectopic Ice

Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Ectopic Ice” is a work of art, sculpture and architecture that is inspired by and deeply embedded in its context. Constructed in laminated glass and CNC laser etched and cut translucent white birch veneer, the triangulated forms evoke images of Red River ice jams - shards shaped by the seemingly random forces of nature. Evocative of a found object, the forms provide shelter from prevailing winds and the translucent panels create mystical atmospheres in the ever-changing winter light.

A fusion of photographic art and architecture, the laser- etched images of the landscape photography utilizes a new glass technology that laminates wood veneer between two sheets of glass. The encapsulated veneer panels fused together with structural silicone are extremely durable and protected from the elements. In combination with the reflective and ice-like quality of glass that composition elevates a common wood to a precious material.

TYPE Competition

Anton Lukashov, Arno Matis, Christie Anderson

COLLABORATORS Michael Elkan Photography