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Shannon Mews

Shaughnessy, Vancouver

The history of Shannon Mews runs deep in the Shaughnessy area of Vancouver. The four hectare site was originally developed as an estate for B.T. Rogers, Vancouver’s first millionaire industrialist. The 1915 manor home by Somerville and Putnam was to be the largest home west of Toronto. In 1965 Arthur Erickson was hired to create some infill housing on the site and preserve the heritage home. The planning program for this project was to increase the development density of the existing site, while respecting scale and views important to the Erickson Scheme. The masterplan first establishes important site view corridors and scale considerations; effectively a figure ground diagram. The program elements were then distributed across the site to maximize views and minimize shadow impacts while maintaining the heritage residence and its presence.

TYPE Multiresidential Masterplan with Heritage Home

SIZE 800,000 sq ft

STATUS Concept Study Complete

DATE 2001-2005

Masterplanning, Heritage Site preservation